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The house was exteriorly designed to utilize architectural features such as bay windows, balconies, cantilevers, dormers, hip roof, circular and eyebrow windows, decks, and a single front entrance to maximize its curb appeal and beauty.

The decks on all 3 levels are 10’ deep to accommodate large parties. They are also wrapped around on the sides not only for additional room and to provide a convenient grill off the kitchen, but also to allow a place for relief from the wind or sun. The balconies were added on the side of the house so there would not only be access from the sound facing the bedrooms to view the ocean but also a place for the room occupants to have some private time.

The rooms and windows were laid out to take advantage of natural ocean breeze cross ventilation if desired.

Each floor has its own thermostat for cooling and heat control.

There are two 50 gallon water heaters to handle all those showers.

Each room is wired for telephone, cable, central music control, intercom, ceiling speakers, and secure internet connection. There is also wireless internet.

Each of the 6 bedrooms, except the bunk room, have their own balcony or deck for intra coastal or ocean viewing. 4 of the bedrooms have their own bathroom. It will be able to sleep at least 14 people including kids. There are 5.5 bathrooms + the ground floor beach shower.

The foundation is comprised of 72 35' whole pine pilings that are sunk 16' per a licensed coastal structural engineers written plan. The pilings are round (vs. the normal squared off) pines stripped of branches and bark with an average diameter at the butt end of 12"- 14" and a minimum of 8" at the tip. They are driven in upside down. The pilings have been sealed chemically under pressure in a vat to resist water damage and rot. Normal construction only required about 60 pilings (about 20% less), milled to an 8" x 8" square, 25' long, and sunk to about 14'(14% less).

The extra length of the pilings was used to not only drive them deeper, thus providing more frictional strength, but also to raise the first floor to 19' above sea level instead of the required 18' giving that much more protection from a potential flood.

The individual pilings are thru bolted together with 3/4" galvanized rod which is not only substantially stronger than normal wood cross ties but also provide less resistance to a storm surge.

There are 2" x 6" outer walls vs. 2" x 4" walls that are still 16" on center (normally 2 x 6 walls are 24" on center). The result is an outer wall than can withstand 50% greater wind force than required by code.

Windows are also by Certain-Teed. They are white, vinyl, insulated, and in an up and down style. Those getting direct sun on the east and south facing sides are tinted.

The building has been engineered with floor and roof trusses to provide not only structural strength but also greater open spaces without those annoying and inconvenient support columns in the middle of a room.

There are 18" (vs. the normal of 6"- 12") eaves to provide better protection from rain and to better shade the house in summer.

There is extra sound proofing insulation in the interior party wall, bedrooms, and party wall out on the back deck.

There is a dumb waiter at the garage level to carry groceries and luggage to the 1st and 2nd floors.

The owner is not self insuring for flood insurance and put some of the saved insurance premiums into stronger than required building materials and construction techniques. If the buyer does buy flood insurance, this documented strengthening should lower their premiums.

There is maintenance free narragansett grey vinyl shake siding with extra white trim and white beauty bands. The siding is the new Certain-Teed 9" irregular, hand split, cedar shake replica so common to ocean front living. They actually used a real cedar shake mold to manufacture the replica. It is very hard to tell whether it's vinyl or wood except when it comes to maintenance. There is none with vinyl. Plus, it's rated to withstand 185 mph wind.

There is a reverse floor plan. There are 4 bedrooms on the first floor. The Great Room, Kitchen, Dining area, and a master bedroom are on the second floor. There is a penthouse get away suite with deck on the third floor with fabulous views of ocean and intra coastal.